You’re one of kind and unlike anyone else! You have skills, talents, and experiences that have shaped you uniquely.  We would love to connect with you, dream with you, and CELEBRATE how you want to use that uniqueness to create an amazing future!

Why WayPoint Youth Foundation?

  • Embrace and live out your unique purpose in life: We recognize your immense worth and value. We can help YOU follow your interests and move toward all that you want to become.
  • Life through your lens: Your personal experiences and belief systems make up the lens through which you view life. We are here to help YOU express yourself and embrace how you want to use your unique personality, qualities, and skills moving forward.
  • A great place to grow: A sense of connectedness with others takes place when you build powerful relationships. The coaches partnered with WayPoint Youth Foundation will provide a safe place where you can gain support, receive personal coaching, and develop skills that allow you to flourish in your future.

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Story Changers

You understand the value of passion, the power of purpose, and the much needed provision of resources necessary for youth to succeed. We invite you to share your unique talents, gifts, and services that will help students build relationships, apply new skill sets, and connect with their local communities.

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Thanks for taking time to read my blog post! I have spent many years working with youth. My passion is to immerse myself into the lives of young people to motivate and inspire them toward their promising futures.  I’m a certified Academic Life Coach, advocate, author, and member of the WayPoint Youth Foundation team. 

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